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Introducing iOverlander: Find & Share your Next Destination

Written by Jessica on August 31, 2014

Hi friends. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I know you’re wondering what we’ve been up to. But, let me just say, it’s all boring, so let’s skip to something a lot more interesting.

Sometime about a year ago we’re sitting around sharing beers with these cool cats from Song of the Road. And we started talking about the lack of one good solid list of camp spots for Overlanders. Turns out that Sam is a developer (and a damn good one), and I seem to be obsessed with things involving spreadsheets and maps. And if you put those things together, add a year of work, a hell of a lot of volunteers a few thousand recorded camp spots from around the web, you end up with this:

iOverlander homepageWhat is iOverlander?

iOverlander is a both a website and an iPhone app to help travelers find and record destinations. It’s an interactive map, but also a downloadable list of campsites, hostels, parking lots, mechanics, and many more places on the road. It tracks GPS coordinates and names, but also amenities (wifi, bathrooms, water, restaurants, pet friendly, parking spaces, altitude, shower water temperature, and more).


It’s maintained by other travelers. So as you go, you can add new places, and update old ones. A campsite no longer exists? Or the owners no longer have internet? All new data is dated and credited to the overlander who updates it. So when you are looking for a place to camp, you know who visited last and if it was 2 months ago or 5 years ago. 

Perhaps most importantly, it’s free.

What does iOverlander do?

Ok, so you really want to see what it does? Here are a few great reasons you should use this site. Click on the screenshot to go see the live page. 

1,900 places so far, in North & South America, with the ability to expand worldwide

1900 points of interest

See a destination’s amenities, view photos, find out when it was last visited, and read reviews

Place details


Download all of the waypoints for a country as GPX, CSV, XLS, JSON or view as a list or on a map

Download POI as GPX, CSV, XLS, JSON

Find, add, and update from an iPhone and all while OFFLINE

iphone screenshots

 Check-in, make corrections, add new places

Corrections page

Search and filter by country, type, amenity and dates last visited

Search page


We’re not done yet:

The most amazing part, is that we aren’t done yet. This site is just getting started. But we need you. We need travelers to use it, to break it, and to tell us what they want to make it better. Give it a test drive, and then let us know what you think.


#1 pablo 2015-06-16 21:31
i was browsing it, and it looks grrreat.. i did 5 months in mexico last yr and have lots of data and recomendations. .
the only thing,im not a mac boy, can i expect an android version soon? or a downloadable resource to have in my computer while offline? thanks anyway, and looking fwd to contribute, im starting next week from southern mexico all the way to panama, expect a lot of info

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