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The rise of the internet age has allowed many professionals to work remotely. Telecommuting continues to be a growing trend for a variety of careers. If you spend your day on the phone and behind a monitor, chances are your job can just as easily be done from home, or while traveling.

The articles in this section outline the types of jobs that can be done remotely, and provide helpful resources for professionals who wish to transition their jobs to telecommuting positions. We’ll also give you some advice for being a successful telecommuter and what you can do to keep your boss happy with your new lifestyle.

How to be a Successful Telecommuter

Written by Jared on March 20, 2011

{jcomments lock}To find success as a telecommuter you must go above and beyond your employer’s expectations. Prove that you can be more successful when working away from the office. Then use the trust you’ve gained to further your professional goals.

Be prepared to work extra hours in the beginning. Not having to commute or take a company lunch break means that you should have extra time on your hands. Use that time to deal with the new logistical challenges of telecommuting so that you can exceed your employer’s expectations with the work you’re assigned. Make use of your new flexibility and find ways to work smarter.


Transition Your 9 to 5 Job to a Work Anytime & Anywhere Job

Written by Jared on March 20, 2011

Meeting in an office not telecommuting{jcomments lock}The hardest part of becoming a location independent professional is finding or establishing a source of income that can be earned remotely. For those with day jobs, the best path may be to transition your existing job to a telecommuting position.

Transitioning to a remote workplace can be done with varying degrees of success, depending on the specifics of your situation and what you wish to achieve. There is no magic solution. And it can be a lot of work.


9 to 5 Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely

Written by Jared on March 20, 2011

Telecommuting - Cubicle land office{jcomments lock}Jobs in technical fields, especially internet-based, are most common location independent professions. Lately careers that are traditionally office-based are also being transitioned to telecommuting positions.

The list below covers common technical, creative, office and other jobs. It is far from complete, and we encourage you to find online resources specific to your skills for more information.