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Packing List: Backpacking in Europe

Written by Jessica on March 20, 2011

Although we’ve done more backpacking Europe than we can remember, this list comes from a two week family trip in May 2010 from Italy to Austria. We each worked about 10 hours a week during this trip.

Although this was a short trip, I probably wouldn’t add much for a longer trip, except maybe a  another laptop. Having to share gets old.

Things we did well

  • Packed light. Seriously. Two day packs, one was all cameras and computers.
  • Bought toiletries when we arrived. It made airport security so much easier and we could take everything carry-on without trouble.

Things that we could have done better

  • Packed faster drying clothes. Not everyday was sunny and our jeans and cotton shirts took almost three days to dry.

The List

Download and Excel file of this list here: Europe Backpacking Gear List

Items Brought & Used Wished we didn't bring Wished we had brought Notes
Electronics Equipment
Mini Alarm Clock X      
Plug adapters x2 X      
MP3 Player w/ Audio books X     Kobus doesn't do well reading while on a plane or train, Audio books were the perfect solution.
Netbook (Acer one) X      
Netbook charger X      
Passports X      
Visas X      
Credit Cards X      
Itineraries & reservation confirmations X      
Basic First Aid Kit     X Especially Motion Sick tablets!
Phrase books     X  
Backpacking pack
(1 for clothes, 1 for cameras)
X     This is the new version of the backpack. A full list of camera gear is here.
Books   X   I took way too many on this trip. And they were library books so I couldn't throw them out. Doh.
FOR BOTH        
Fleece Jacket X      
FOR HIM        
Jeans X      
Cargo Pants X      
2 shorts X      
3 tshirts X      
1 nice shirt X      
2 vests/ tank tops X      
1 overshirt (long sleve) X      
hat X      
underwear and socks x4 X      
belt X      
hiking boots X      
FOR HER        
1 skirt X      
4 tank top / tshirts X      
2 long sleeve shirts X      
1 nice shirt X      
1 sweatshirt X      
2 long lightweight pants X      
Socks x4 pair X      
Underwear x4 X      
Teva Sandals X      
Sneakers - small crappy pair X      
Sunglasses X      
t-shirt and shorts for sleeping in X      

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