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Personal Bins and Daypacks

Written by Kobus on November 23, 2011

An empty 35 liter bin.We three each have the pleasure of living out of one 35 liter bin and a small backpack for the next fifteen months. All of our personal effects; clothes, electronics, toiletries, and shoes must fit in that space. This includes cold weather, rain, and hiking gear. It's a lot of stuff to cram in a small space. We've done backpacking trips in the past so this is familiar territory, but that doesn't seem to make it much easier.

Our limit was 5-6 days worth of clothes, we will be able to do laundry in that time, or deal with being dirty. If we're missing something, we can pick it up on the road. If we never use something, we'll give it away.

Jared's Stuff

Jared's clothes bin.

  1. eBags Medium Packing Cubes - One for t-shirts, one for socks and underwear and a third to organize my daypack.
  2. Hats - One for the sun and one for the cold.
  3. Softshell Jacket
  4. Travel Pillow
  5. Toiletries
  6. MSR Packtowl
  7. Belts
  8. Rain jacket
  9. Rain pants - Marmot Precip
  10. Fleece gloves
  11. Thermal pants
  12. Sneakers
  13. Sandals
  14. T-shirts - Five total (one not pictured), quick drying poly blends
  15. Pants - Three total
  16. Shorts - Two total (one not pictured)
  17. Underwear - Six total
  18. Socks - 3x hiking liners, 2x hiking socks and 2x crew running socks
  19. Fleece hoodie
  20. Long sleeve t-shirt
  21. Button down shirt

Jared's daypack contents.

  1. 2010 MacBook Pro 15" and power cords.
  2. Camera - Canon PowerShot S95 with case and battery charger.
  3. Kindle eBook reader
  4. Glasses and sunglasses - Prescription
  5. Headlamp
  6. Misc power cords - iPod, Kindle
  7. Headphones
  8. Nail clipper
  9. Wallet & keys
  10. Watch

Jessica's Stuff

Jessica clothes and personal items

  1. One super awesome, sticker decorated Really Useful Boxes Bin
  2. Extra Fluffy Therm-a-Rest Down Pillow
  3. Mountain Hardwear WindStopper Tech Soft Shell Jacket
  4. Thermal Long Underwear - 2 tops, 1 pants
  5. 3 Lightweight button-down short sleeve shirts
  6. 4 Lightweight Over shirts
  7. 4 cotton tank tops
  8. Swimsuit
  9. Pajamas (Shorts and T-shirt)
  10. 3 Pants (yes they are all the same color brown)
  11. Marmot Precip Rain gear - Jacket and Pants
  12. Teva Sandals
  13. Merrell Barefoot Mighty Glove shoes
  14. Underwear - 7 pairs each
  15. Socks - 2 warm, 5 lightweight
  16. Fleece hat
  17. Fleece gloves
  18. Mammut Headlamp with a lantern attachment for hanging in the tent
  19. Orange Sporknife - It was a anniversary present. I can't part with it.
  20. Swiss Army Knife
  21. MSR Packtowl, Medium
  22. Toiletries
  23. Bandana
  24. Journal

Jessica's backpack contents

  1. Sager NP5160 from (Say we sent you for a special discount)
  2. Belkin laptop case
  3. Laptop power cord
  4. Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Stylus Pad
  5. Pen and USB charger for Wacom (Case not pictured)
  6. Wallet
  7. Honer Special 20 Harmonica
  8. Aleve
  9. Wiley X Sunglasses
  10. Mountain Hardwear Lander backpack

Kobus' Stuff

Kobus' Bin

  1. Eddie Bauer Fleece - Little bulky but it's just so Fluffy!
  2. REI Hemp Short sleeve button down shirt
  3. Mountain Hardwear Long sleeve button down shirt
  4. 5 wicking hiking t-shirts (2 Jockey, 2 Eddie Bauer, 1 REI)
  5. Mesh vest to go under the button down shirts
  6. Zip-off pants - yes I have 2... don't be haters
  7. Lightweight hiking shorts
  8. Jockey mesh underwear - Jockey or nothing!
  9. Black Diamond Headlamp
  10. Belt (for when I drop a few pounds)
  11. LED flash light
  12. Hiking sock liners - 4 pair
  13. Regular light weight socks
  14. eBags Medium Packing Cubes x2
  15. REI Fleece / latex gloves - fluffy but with grip!
  16. Wigwam hat for cold nights
  17. Duo Fold Thermal top
  18. Duo Fold Thermal bottom
  19. Sleeping shorts also Jockey
  20. Wigwam crew hiking socks
  21. Ball cap - I have 3 (shhhh don't tell Jess)
  22. MSR Packtowl
  23. Marmot lightweight rain jacket
  24. Cabela's waterproof rain pants
  25. Cocoon silk sheet to sleep under on hot nights

Kobus' Day pack

  1. Osprey Talon 22 backpack
  2. USB drives - 2 x 4Gb
  3. Sager NP5160 from (Say we sent you for a special discount)
  4. Belkin laptop case
  5. Laptop power cord
  6. Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet for checking in on Students
  7. RooCase for Streak
  8. USB Power cord for the Streak so I can keep checking in on Students
  9. Spare set of Jai Kudo Titanium glasses - learned my lesson in Africa
  10. Wallet
  11. 250 Gb Hard Drive
  12. Olympus XZ-1 camera
  13. Tag wrist watch

Not shown in Kobus' Stuff

  • Teva Tanza water Sandals
  • Vasque Wasatch GTX Hiking Boots
  • Light weight cargo pants - in Bin
  • Microsoft Ergonomic wireless mouse - in Day pack
  • Headphones - in Day Pack

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