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Expedition Tongs

Written by Kobus on January 9, 2014

tong on grill rackAbout 10 years ago I bought a pair of typical South African tongs for the BBQ made from aluminum. While on our Pan-American journey they soon became Jareds go-to tongs for everything from handling charcoal and wood for fires to flipping all types of meat on the grill.

During this time I saw the tongs used in ways I never thought possible and for things I never imagined. As my well loved tongs were used and abused, it became evident that I would eventually need a new pair. The aluminum was soft from bending and re-shaping the pinchers, the rivets were becoming lose from gripping too many heavy objects.


Slowly I began improving on the design, sturdier tongs took shape in my head. We needed a tong that would not bend when hot and would not be too heavy for long stints behind the grill. We wanted a little more reach to avoid singeing our arm hair off everytime we reached over the fire. 

When our trip ended it became my mission to make a new improved pair of tongs. Of course our friends found out and wanted a pair. And soon other overlanders started requesting them too. Before I knew it I had made 120 pairs. 

finishing a handle

And so Expedition Tongs were born. One steel and one aluminum. The steel is sturdy enough to handle firewood but with the precision to stack charcoal where and how you needed it. The aluminum pair is light enough to turn shrimp on the grill, without it feeling like a workout. 

the boss kit

Now available for sale at 60 steel and 60 aluminum each one with a unique number, just like work of art. Check out the photos that were taken during the production of our first 100 pairs

We plan to sell them at Overland Expo 2014, but since they are so awesome we wanted to tell the world about them now. Go to to get your very own unique pair of expedition tongs.