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Expedition Tongs

Written by Kobus on January 9, 2014

tong on grill rack{jcomments lock}About 10 years ago I bought a pair of typical South African tongs for the BBQ made from aluminum. While on our Pan-American journey they soon became Jareds go-to tongs for everything from handling charcoal and wood for fires to flipping all types of meat on the grill.

During this time I saw the tongs used in ways I never thought possible and for things I never imagined. As my well loved tongs were used and abused, it became evident that I would eventually need a new pair. The aluminum was soft from bending and re-shaping the pinchers, the rivets were becoming lose from gripping too many heavy objects.



Forks in the Road - first twenty five

Written by Kobus on April 27, 2013

Forks in the Road cover image.{jcomments lock}It's our pleasure to finally introduce our latest work, Forks in the Road: Recipes from Overlanding the Pan-America Highway. A cookbook that has been 25,000 miles in the making.

What's Inside?

  • 85 full-color recipes, all made with ingredients available throughout Latin America.
  • Comfort breakfasts, quick & easy lunch ideas and dinner recipes that will remind your travel mates while they brought you along.
  • Instructions for how to bake, braise, roast and smoke using charcoal.

In the unfortunate event that we've never had the privilege of cooking you a meal, here are a few recipes from the book that should give you an idea what we're all about. Click to enlarge.

page 30page 122

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Every recipe in this book was discovered, adapted, cooked, written, revised and meticulously photographed somewhere between Tijuana, Mexico and Ushuaia, Argentina. The first recipes were written mere miles from The Death Road in Bolivia. In the following months they were photographed on the coast of Chile, edited on a cruise ship in Antarctica, formatted in a Uruguayan hotel, and finally submitted for publishing on a beach in Brazil.

Also inside you'll find:

  • Ideas for lunches you can make the day before, and balanced dinners that are ready in under an hour.
  • Over 50 pages of recipes for sides, sauces, spice mixes, drinks and desserts.
  • More than 25 of our favorite local dishes, from Mexico's chilaquiles to Argentina's empanadas.

page 138page 80

While this book is written with overlanders in mind, home chefs will also find these recipes a worthy addition to their repertoire, especially avid campers and outdoor cooks.

Plus, we've written a chapter dedicated to cooking over fire, with detailed instructions on how to bake, braise, roast, smoke and steam over charcoal, and how to slow-roast an entire lamb or 25-pound rack of beef ribs over an open fire.

page 18page 12

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All recipes include advice for locating less common ingredients, whether at home or on the road. Substitutions and alternative preparation methods are given, and explanations of local dishes, ingredients and techniques are mentioned for Latin American recipes.

Still haven't seen enough? Ok, here are a few more pages of deliciousness. Don't blame us if you get caught licking your monitor.

page 166page 174page 184page 202

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We're offering both printed and electronic versions. Ebooks can be downloaded immediately, and printed books will ship from our home in Seattle. International shipping is available! You will be able to see shipping costs before you complete your purchase. 

Quantities of printed books are limited, it takes us 1 to 2 weeks to receive more copies from our publisher if we run out. Rest assured, if you have to wait longer than usual, we'll let you know and make it worth your time.

The ebook version is only offered in PDF format. We apologize to Kindle users. Due to the size and layout of the book it is not possible to format the book as EPUB or MOBI in such a way that we felt it was done justice.

Download Our Free Ebook: Overlanding Mexico and Central America

Written by Kobus on August 15, 2012

{jcomments on}{jcomments lock}

Ebook front cover.At long last, our crowning achievement is finished after several days of nonstop work, excluding that night we went through a bottle of rum and two bottles of wine, of course. In the process of painstakingly recounting our trials and tribulations for your enjoyment, we've gained a profound understanding as to why so many writers are alcoholics.

Introducing: Don't Go There. It's Not Safe. You'll Die. And Other More Rational Advice for Overlanding Mexico and Central America.

So what's this all about? In case the title isn't clear (blame Jessica) it's a guide for people who want to travel by car in Mexico and Central America. It is filled with information we gained during our eight-month journey from Seattle to Panama. It also contains advice for planning and preparing for an overlanding trip based on the hundreds of hours of research we did before leaving home.

Best of all, it's free! No strings attached. All that we ask is that you pass the word along and share the book with others.



Written by Kobus on August 2, 2012

{jcomments lock}Here are a few people who thought we were cool enough to write about. We love them.


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    Occasionally people ask us how we take certain photos, and what type of gear we recommend. We’ll publish some articles here to help you out. Most are written by request. Send us an email if there is something you’d like to know, and we’ll do our best to say something smart about it.

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    While Traveling

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