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1997 Toyota 4Runner Not for Sale - photos

Written by Kobus on February 26, 2013

Blue is not for sale anymore.

Photos of our 1997 4Runner taken in El Bolson, Argentina on February 25, 2013.


Front view.

002-left front

Front left view.

003-left side

Left side view - Note that driver's side door lock does not lock with the key. The lock was damaged in an attempted burglary in Huaraz, Peru. The car still locks perfectly fine from the passenger side, or with the remote.


Rear view - There is a small dent on the center of the rear bumper. We can send a better photo if you really want.

005-rear with lights

Rear view - all lights work, no cracks or scratches.

006-right side

Right side view.

007-right front

Right front view.

driver side

Front seats from the driver's side door.


Driver seat view - all dials and dash lights function. The trip odometer does not work, but the main odometer does. The vehicle is equipped with dual airbags, power windows, Air conditioning, a USB / CD radio, cruise control and a automatic transmission.

passenger side

Passenger front seat - The USB cord coming from the stereo runs under the center console to the back seat so the person in the back can also control the music via an iPod or other USB device.

fridge and fire extinguisher with lock box

Rear seat, driver's side door view - Edgestar 43 quart fridge powered by dual battery system. mounted behind the fridge is a fire extinguisher and custom lock box big enough to hold three 15 inch laptops and valuable documents.

fridge and fire extinguisher with lock box1

Top view of the fridge and lock box.

fridge with lock box

Right rear passenger seat - lots of leg room and storage on the seat in front.

power strip

Power strip to charge laptops and other electronics. The inverter is mounted upside down under the board where the power strip is located. The black USB port on the lower right is connected to the stereo system.


800 watt power inverter to provide electricity to charge electronics. (This view is from the back seat (driver's side). It's mounted so the passenger and driver can access the outlets on the other side.

storage back

Custom rear storage shelf - the shelf is hinged and allows you to store items on top or below the shelf. More details on this modification in the original For Sale posting.

tire tread

The tires have more than 50% of tread left and and wearing evenly.


#2 Jessica_LifeRemotely 2013-04-02 20:16
Hi John. Still available. But change of plans. We're going to Brazil. So pickup will be early May from Sao Paulo. Email us if you are interested.
#1 John 2013-04-02 20:12
Have you sold the vehicle yet?

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