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Last Modifications to Blue

Written by Jared on September 25, 2011

Roof rack with Life Remotely sticker.Wrapping up loose ends. That's been our story for the past month. The list on the wall seems to grow every day. I cross something off and Jessica adds four new things for us to do. It's a to-do list, in wallpaper form.

A couple weeks ago Kobus and I got around to putting the finishing touches on Blue. We found a place for the wireless router and 3G dongle, added a power adapter to our inverter, mounted a fire extinguisher, ran a USB plug to the back seat, and installed the new roof rack and mounted the Hi-Lift Jack.

Router and 3G dongle mounted to fridge.

Here's a shot of our Zoom 3G Modem connected to a Zoom 3G WiFi Router. We attached it to our EdgeStar fridge with velcro so it's easily removable in case we want to setup a WiFi point someplace else. This setup allows us to share a 3G data connection between our laptops and phone. It's also possible to remove the modem from the router and use it on a single machine.

Power strip, inverter and USB plug mounted in the rear seat.

This shows the space behind the driver's seat. The bolts and brackets on the left are the fridge mounting points, and the blue plastic doohicky on the right is the back of the center console. We mounted the power inverter under the carpeted board that the fridge sits on, and ran a power strip with USB to the top of the board to give us easy access and a few more plugs.

In the bottom right of the photo is a USB plug, this cable runs through the center console to our stereo and will allow the person in the back seat (yours truly) to control the music via an iPod.

Our roof rack and hi-lift jack.

After MONTHS of discussion, arguments, fisticuffs and several threats of spousal abuse, we finally have a roof rack. We started by picking up a second-hand stock replacement for $50 (Blue didn't originally come with a roof rack) and then added a basket made by Rage Powersports. Kobus had our friend Kari Ellen at Salient Design print us a Life Remotely sticker which was put on the front faring, pictured at the top of the article.

The Hi-Lift Jack fit perfectly. We mounted it using two spare motorcycle handlebar risers that Kobus conveniently had laying around. An adjustable locking cable was deemed best to secure the jack and anything that may be added to the roof rack in the future. Or should I say temporarily added, as was Jessica's sixteenth stipulation upon agreeing to purchase the roof rack.

Fire extinguisher mounted on lock box.

Last but not least, we mounted a fire extinguisher to the side of the lock box. I questioned that it was out of reach of the rear passenger seat (where I would be sitting) and Jessica replied that in the event of a fire, I should probably just get out of the car.

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